All the songs on "The Turntable Instrumentalist" were recorded and produced with 1 Turntable, 1 Scratch Mixer, 1 MPC 2500, 1 MicroKorg, 1 ton of vinyl, 1 gallon of samples and the help of DAW software. The basic idea for this album is to express myself through turntables and chopped-up samples to tell a story as a song would. From a scratch DJ's perspective, I want to perform the songs 'live' as a jazz artist would. Hence the B-side of the CD, which is a completely freestyle jamming/recording session with some of the best musicians in Singapore. We got together at a studio one evening, set-up a 32 channel mixer, and recorded everything we played. Each song is one take with no furthering editing, except of course to shorten the length - it's got to fit on this CD!

Many thanks for inspiring me:
Ewan, Steph and Edwin, DJ Rough, DMZ from Blah, Dharni, Amy Ho, Aileen from Blu Jaz, Ernie from Vestax, Mesh Radio, TerrorKota Crew, Nike SG, Oakley SG, PotmeetsPOP, Chou Pi Jiang, Radikal Forze, Pushin'On, Bedsty, ArtKore, Yeen Leng, Marie Choo, Alfred Goh, Amy Ho, Eugene Aw, Roshan, Xarin, False Clothing, DJ Ritz, Raphael, Bobby, Felix Huang, Daryl, Caleb, Mark Teo, Bobby Singh, DJ ShortKut, Total Eclipse, The Beat Lounge Crew, Jedie, SpydaMonkee, Paranormal Crew, DJ Jred, Pop Trash, Johnny Ong, Wilson Wong, Wayne Lee, Lily Hamid, Lay Peng, DJ Motif, DJ MonoBono, SY, DJ J-Storm, Eddie Mariano, Kimberley and the Fraser family, Cherry, Charlyn Ding, My Dad and lastly again, for all whom helped me out with the CD, this album wouldn't be the same without your knowledge and guidance! And of course, Esplanade for giving me the chance to showcase what I love most - MUSIC!!! I believe the album could have always been better, but as you are read this, the better music is already in the making!
Joe Lam for further mixing on side A and Mastering
Siva for further mixing on side B
Kiat for further Mixing on Side Bonus
Shellsuit from Pushin'On for cover design
Skope One from Operation Artkore for logo design.
Set List
Title: The Turntable Instrumentalist
Side A:
1. The Turntable Instrumentalist ( I am a Scratch DJ )
feat. The Mighty Souls on melody (2010)
2. Theme From TerrorKota feat. Hafiz from TerrorKota (2010)
3. KidHood Remix Kevin Lester and Akina on vocals (2010)
4. Bank St. (2008)
5. What's Love (2008)
6. Fever feat. Joanna Dong on vocals and Daniel Wong on trumpet (2008)
7. Reflect Your Soul (Harris Azahar Tribute ) (2010)
8. The Drums feat. Willy from The Lard Brothers on melody (2009)
9. Make Your Hands Clap, Toes Clap (2010)
Side B:
10. In the Groove Project feat. Aya Sekine on keys, Mohamed Noor on drums, Fendi on vocals, Casey Subramaniam on bass, Leonardo Mendoza on electronic wind pipe, Siva Sai Saravan sound engineer
Bonus Tracks:
11. Bank St Remix by Kiat from Syndicate and Qilin
12. Fresh Flow feat. Kiat
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